Member Getting Started here

Welcome Please Start Here!

1. Watch short video: Welcome Video from Jennie

2. Please download and/or print your LIVE GUIDE, your copy of MY WELLNESS PLAN, and MY WELLNESS WISHLIST HERE

3. Please download and/or print off the FAVORITE BEGINNER EO RECIPES and I HAVE MY OILS, NOW WHAT?

4. (optional and recommended) Download a mobile app called the 'Modern Essentials Plus' app for Android or I-Phones

Also, you can download a digital copy of the CATALOG here THE PRODUCT GUIDE


1. The Essential Life Book Reference Book (6th edition)

2. Fractionated Coconut Oil (for topical application and for making rollerballs)

Order through your doTERRA back office

3. 10 ml and 5 ml rollers are always good to have on hand- (I like stainless steeler rollers and the two different sizes work out well if you are making a solution for a short term issue) Oil Life has a great selection if they are not available in our doTERRA store.

PRO TIP: You may be able to find them cheaper from Amazon/China but the quality is not the same. While you are learning a quality roller will last a long time and can be re-used with proper cleaning.

4. Optional - glass spray bottles - Once you have learned to make your own fabric/linen spray or spray cleaner, you will wish you had more of these bottles on hand. I use the 4oz. and 8oz. most often. Oil Life has a great selection of these too and again the quality and value are strong.

PRO TIP: When working with pure and potent essential oils to maintain their effectiveness, it is always important to use glass containers. Plastic containers are not always compatible.

5. Optional - order additional diffusers - As an alternative to the amazing diffusers you can order from your doTERRA store Oil Life has a solid collection of fun and stylish diffusers for the home and office. Again you can find them cheaper via china and Amazon and if you would like to start there you can, but a quality diffuser will last a very long time.

(doTERRA diffusers are by far the best, but these work if you want to stock up)

✶ REMEMBER: Never order doTERRA products from Amazon or 3rd party vendors! They are not from doTERRA and not safe

Where do I Begin?

First off, you don't have to order monthly, you can order as often as you want, whenever you want, by clicking the "create new one-time order" button.

BUT it's better to order monthly in the Loyalty Rewards Program (aka LRP).

VIDEO: What is Loyalty Rewards (quick explanation from Jill Winger)


✷ It's free to join

✷ You get free products

✷ You get shipping reimbursed as product points to buy more free product

✷ Work your way up to 30% back in rewards! I get $40+ back free every month AND free oil every month!


1. Log into your account at

2. Begin by clicking "Create New Loyalty Reward Order "(this is the only time you will do this - after your template is created and saved you will always click edit so you can change your order every month if you like).

Here are some videos to help explain how this will look

Video: How to Edit your LRP

Video: How to Process and check out of your LRP order

Video: How to redeem points

Video: Adding products to your LRP


Your cart will process every month on the date you choose, so you must update your cart or you will get the same products again. You must order at least 1 PV = $1 each month to earn the benefits in the LRP program. Don't cancel your LRP if you don't want to lose the percentage points you have accrued! If you do, you start back at 10% rewards and will lose your points! There are ideas below on what to order that are low cost if there is a month where you don't need much.


As long as your LRP order ships on or before the 15th of the month and it is 125PV or more, you'll automatically get the free Oil of the Month!

Catalog/Product Guide

How to Save Even More!

To save the most, always order through the Loyalty Rewards Program (aka LRP: the monthly 'frequent flyer program')

VIDEO: What is Loyalty Rewards (quick explanation):


✷There are many LRP-only special kits (like shampoo + conditioner, the LLV Vitamin pack, etc) that allow you to get extra LRP discounted prices

✷ Buy LRP kits to stock up on your vitamins, hair care, and skincare, then cash your points in on oils!

PRO TIP: Always buy LLV, skincare, and haircare and kits, never cash in points on them because it takes more points than if you buy them- a lot more. Pay for that stuff, cash in on the rest.

✷ When you order skincare or the LLV pack via LRP, you have the option of adding on additional products for only $20! (see video below)

How to customize your Vitamins to Save even More

✷You can use your accumulated points on almost all oils and almost all products that are not in premade kits, the exception being diffusers, limited-time-only items (like holiday specials), and Melissa & Roman Chamomile) All else is fair game!


How to redeem free credits ​

How to edit cart ​